Jared's Memory Game Research

Hi! Thanks for participating in my research project. Recently I've built an artificial neural network model which plays a memory game you probably played as a child. Several pairs of cards are face-down on a table, and you need to turn them over two at a time to find the matching pairs.

Right now I don't know how good people actually are at this game, so in order to calibrate my model I'm collecting information on how people play. (Hopefully that's why you're reading this.) Participating shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Be advised that I'm no psychologist, and I haven't run this by any Human Subjects Review Board. I will say this:

Here's how it works. All the cards start face-down. Click on one to reveal what design is on the other side. Click on a second card to reveal it. If the cards match, they will be removed from play. If they don't, both will automatically be turned back to face-down after a two second delay. After each pair is removed or turned face-down, you can select another pair of cards. The goal is to reveal all pairs in the fewest rounds.

I've prepared three versions of the game which differ only in the initial number of cards: either eight, twelve, or sixteen. I'd appreciate it if you would play each version three times. Which order you play the versions in will be determined randomly.

Okay, I think that covers everything. If you agree to all that, please click the link below to proceed to the game itself. Thanks again for participating!

Play the Game!